ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Personal Development

Throughout my second year in university I have come to realise that I am definitely more interested in the post production of film that I originally thought. After our trip in London in my first year I began to look more into post production and thought of what career path I would want to take if I were to go into post production. After doing the compositing assignment in the first semester of my second year I soon realised that I really enjoyed compositing and would much rather work in the film industry doing compositing than working behind a camera (which is what I originally thought about doing).

I have also realised (as much as I don’t like to admit it), I enjoy working on photography assignments. In the second semester we were given the choice of whether we wanted to do film assignments or photography. Naturally I chose film as that’s what I’m more focused on as a career path. However, I soon realised that creating and working on a film on my own was hard and wasn’t that much fun. After talking to my tutors we decided I would do half film and half photography (this would be, one non narrative film and four photography assignments). Since changing my mind on my chosen subjects, I have been able to appreciate that photography is much better than I originally thought. I am glad that I was able to learn this through my own mistake as I have since been able to work on photography again and appreciate it much more.

Throughout this year I feel I have developed a lot in the way I make my decisions. Rather than making quick decisions I will stop and think of how I will do something and if I’ll enjoy doing it. I’ve learnt that it’s much harder to work on something when you’re not enjoying it and I should always choose something I enjoy as I am more willing to put 100% into it. I’ve also found this year what I want to be in the creative industry (compositor) and I’ve found a company I wish to work for in the future (MPC).


ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – VFX Film Reel

As I am a part photography, part film student I have learnt to enjoy working with visual effects, mainly with compositing. I have created a film reel full of compositing work I have done and am quite happy with how it looks. The main reason for creating this film reel was to send as an application for and intern-ship with MPC. MPC is a vfx company that work on big films such as Harry Potter, Man of Steel ect. Unfortunately I missed the deadline date for the intern-ship but I’m able to apply next year with them for a graduate course and hopefully then I’ll be able to work with them.

I am however glad that I have started a film reel that I can work and build on which I will be able to send to companies when I am applying for work when I have finished university.

ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – NEC Photography Show

My university was able to gain places in the NEC Photography Show for my cloass to go and visit, unfortunately I was unable to attend the show in Birmingham. I have however looked up what the NEC Photography Show is.

This is a yearly show that travels around the UK which is dedicated to photography. They have talks from professional photographers that are able to talk about their work and how they have grown as a photographer. The show is produced by Future, an international media group and a world leading photography publisher. They first began doing the shows in in 2014 as they realised that there were no shows around that did anything to do with photography. ¬†They encourage photography enthusiasts to come to their shows to learn about what’s new in photography and what is to come in the future. Along with big brands such as Canon, Nikon and Olympus, the NEC Photography Show has become successful over the past two years gathering hundreds of photographers from across the UK to join in one big event to celebrate and improve the future of photography.

I am disappointed I was unable to go but I know what the NEC Photography show is for next year and I look forward to attending future shows.

ARD512 Design Directions – Modern Master research

At first I struggled to find a painting that I liked, I’ve considered replicating paintings such as The Mona Lisa but felt that it would be a hard painting to replicate and as it’s such a ¬†renown painting I didn’t really want the pressure of re creating such a great painting. I also experimented with paintings that were set outdoors.

w1077t300 IMG_0229

I tried to replicate the above painting, painted by Claude Monet. I do think that with some editing on my photograph I think I could manage to create a good replica of the painting. However, I think that the colours in this painting are too bright to be able to replicate within a photo without over editing which would ruin the quality of the photo.

Instead I have decided to replicate this painting.


This painting was created by Charles Lenoir a French academic classical painter. I liked this painting because I find it to be simple but elegant in the way that the lady is posed and the colours used within the painting. I also liked that the lady has flowers wrapped around her hair. This is a fashion that can be found now and it would be good to be able to replicate this painting. I will ask my friend Molly to model for me in the studio and by using the right lighting conditions I think I’ll be able to replicate this painting well.

ARD512 Design Directions – Elegance of Decay/ Broken Grandeur






Here are my six images I have chosen and edited for my Elegance of decay project. I think I have been successful in getting images of things decaying/ dying. I have focused mainly on trees except the one photo of the dead flowers which are currently on a dying tree. I have caught my subjects in good natural lighting conditions which adds to the images. My favourite image is the bottom image of the fungi growing around the shopped down tree trunk. I think it’s beautiful because even though the trunk has been chopped down and is dead there is life growing around it and on it.

ARD512 Design Directions – Elegance of Decay/Broken Grandeur research

To research into elegance of decay I chose to look online and see what I could find. I found this blog,

This gave me a good idea of what the usual subjects are within the elegance of decay. The images that have been used on this blog and I can see how the photographer has created something beautiful out of something others would perceive as ugly. However, when reading the brief I thought instantly of dead/ageing trees, plants, leaves. E.g.


I have planned to do my photography on this type of subject rather than using the usual subjects i.e. smashed windows. I want to use natural subjects because I find a type of sadness in seeing them ruined or growing old. There is however a real beauty in natural subjects growing old and decaying. I will go to Erddig in Wrexham to get my photos as Erddig has a big wood surrounding the grounds and I think I’ll be able to find some interesting things to photograph here.

ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Gemma Roberts

Gemma Roberts is a graduate from Glyndwr University and she came to creative futures to talk to us about how she has created her own business using the practices she studied in university. Gemma was a fine art student that liked to create things with paper. For her final project she decided to create a different range of paper flowers, mainly with a wedding theme to them. This gave Gemma the idea that started off her own business.

Gemma learnt to promote her work through advertising on facebook, creating a professional account which would gain her customers. She also has a display in a wedding shop window which helps her get customers. Gemma told us that it is important to work to a customers needs and make it personal to them, this will make the product better for the customer which means a customer is more likely to recommend you to a friend.

I didn’t really learn much from Gemma’s talk that I can apply to my own practice but it was good to know that people are able to put their own learning practices into a home business if we put our minds to it and promote the correct way.