ARD512 Design Directions – Modern Masters

CharlesLenoirBorn1869NympwithFlowersandGarlandsmaller image2

The first painting is a painting by Charles Lenoir a French academic classical painter. I was attracted to the painting as I liked the simplicity but elegance of the painting. I also liked that there were flowers used in the lady’s hair in the painting as this is a fashion that is work now and I thought it would be interesting to use it in my photography. The second image is my interpretation of the painting. I am really happy with how this image has turned out, and I do think the image has a type of painted look to it. I have faced my model in the same direction, used flowers in my models hair and used a black backdrop. I have however changed the colour of clothing as I wanted to add a type of modern look to the image. I did this image in the studio and I feel I have used the right kind of lighting. I have added some filters to the image as to enhance the look of a painting.

Overall I am happy with this image and was really happy doing the assignment. I feel I have successfully answered the brief and feel I have added my own kind of style into my image and I think it works well. I feel I have successfully re created the painting using the same kind of style but adding a kind of modern look using my model.


ARD512 Design Directions – Album Cover

ALBUM COVER2 Tove-Lo-Habits-2014-Cover-1500x1500

As soon as I read the brief I knew what album cover I wanted to re make. The album cover I chose to re make was Tove Lo’s Habits album. She is one of my favourite artists and I was really happy to be able to re make her cover album. I asked my classmate Molly to model for me as I noticed she had the same kind of facial features as Tove Lo. I’m happy with how the photograph turned out however, I did realise there isn’t enough light on Mollys face compared to how much light is on Tove Lo’s face. After looking at both images, I’ve decided not to do a re take with brighter lights as I feel that the photograph I have taken of Molly is still good and I think the shadow across her face adds more of a sadness to the image, which is what I originally wanted. Creating the right typing was important as this is something that really stands out on the album cover. I looked on a website named ‘Dafont’ which is free to use and provided me with fonts that looked a lot like the ones used on the album cover.

I’m really happy with how this project has turned out. If I were to do this project again I would perhaps do the re shoot with different lighting to see how the image looked. However I am still really happy with the overcast look across Molly’s face as it gives the viewers an impression of sadness, which is what the album is about.

ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Influence BoardsT


double negative


influence board bibliography

Here I have created three influence boards based on my favourite VFX companies. I have chosen to create my influence boards on VFX companies because I am hoping to work in visual effects in the future. Visual effects influences me in the way that I look out for what companies are successful e.g. who’s winning awards. I also look out for how visual effects is changing as it’s an industry that develops further every day and it’s important that I learn and hear about these changes. The influence boards are based on three different VFX companies; Blinkink, Double Negative and MPC (Moving Picture Company). Out of the three companies I have created influence boards on it’s my goal to work with either Double Negative or MPC, maybe even have the opportunity to work for both.


I was able to visit Blinkink on our trip with the university to London last year. Blinkink is an animation company that specialise in stop motion. Although stop motion and animation are not what I specialise in I do like to look at how Blinkink create and produce their work.  They influence me in the way that they work. Their workload is a lot more because as a successful stop motion company they have a lot of high demand for work. Because they’re only a small company there’s only a small amount of staff so there’s a lot of work for them to do. As a team they work hard and they have made a small production company well known. Blinkink became much more well known due to John Lewis using their work for their advert named, The Bear And The Hear.

Double Negative

I was also able to visit Double Negative on my trip to London last year. Double Negative are a visual effects company that are well known throughout the media industry and are always busy helping out with a new upcoming film. The have recently won three awards for their visual effects work on inception and were also nominated for Best Visual Effects for the BAFTA awards for their special effects work on Interstellar.

I’m influenced by Double Negative because they are a visual effects company. I like to look at how they’ve progressed through the work they do on the films they work on and I like to see how they change and improve things. Double Negative also influence me to try harder and keep working on things. They have a team full of experienced VFX artists and each and every one of them will have started where I am now, trying to learn the in’s and out’s of visual effects software, feeling like my work could be better and not really 100% sure where I’m going to be in the next few years. It helps me knowing that everyone in Double Negative have worked their way up and I know that with the right kind of attitude I can do the same and hopefully work at Double Negative in the future.

MPC (Moving Picture Company)

Again I was able to visit MPC in London on my university trip. This out of all the visual effects companies we visited was my favourite. I really liked the building, the environment and all the workers at MPC seemed to be very happy to work there and enthusiastic about visual effects. MPC is a VFX company specialising in the making of special effects in films. They have worked on films such as Harry Potter, Man of Steel, The Hunger Games and An American Sniper. These are all well known films that have been successful and noticed for the visual effects work in them.

MPC influences me in the way that I create my work. I want my work to be of good enough standard to be able to gain recognition by MPC when I apply for work there once I’ve finished uni. Throughout my final year of university I want to create a film reel made up of compositing that’s good enough to be able to be accepted into MPC’s academy. This is a year long course in London that teaches you VFX skills and gives experience in the VFX environment.  I strive to be accepted into this program after I have finished university and this is why MPC has a huge influence on the way I work.

ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Collaborative Work






Here are some images of me modelling to help my friend and classmate Molly with one of her assignments. The idea was to re create a book cover. I’m not completely sure what the book was called but I know part of the story was about a girl who had lost her mother, and in the story she jumps over a river onto a river bank to get some white flowers. These flowers reminded her of her mother because she used to put white flowers in her daughters hair. My role was to model at the girl who jumps across the river. I felt much more relaxed modelling this time as it was my second time modelling with Molly. I think the images are great and I’m happy to say I don’t look so bad either which is a huge confidence boost. I’ve found that modelling is a good way to help out a friend and to also make connections, I know that if I need help Molly will be more than happy to help me out which she has done on countless occasions. It’s also a good way to learn from other people as you get to take in and learn other peoples styles of photography and you can try it out yourself and apply it to your own work.

ARD512 Design Directions – Portrait final images

IMG_9711 IMG_9703

IMG_9701 IMG_9698

IMG_9721 IMG_9686

IMG_9662 bw IMG_9653 bw

Here are my final eight images for my portrait brief. I am very happy with how these have turned out. The first four photos have been taken in the studio using the same light but I’ve placed my subject in different positions. The light works well and creates silhouette type features on half the subjects body. The bottom four photos have been taken in natural surroundings when the subject wasn’t expecting the photos to be taken. The natural light has worked well in each of the images and has created interesting and eye catching photographs. I have also learnt the difference between a forced pose and a relaxed pose e.g. a forced pose would be one in a studio where the subject feels they have to pose and a relaxed pose would be one where they’re in their own comfort and in some cases are unaware of the photograph being taken. I decided to edit my images in black and white as I felt they were much more appealing to the eye than the coloured versions. I thought the black and white versions also worked well with the lighting in the photographs and I am very happy with how they look.

I have enjoyed doing this brief and I don’t believe there is anything I would change about the way I have gone about this brief. I am really happy with how my subject worked with me and feel that I am much more interested in portrait photography than I was to begin with.

ARD512 Design Directions – Portraits

In this brief we were asked to photograph a subject in their natural surroundings, when they were relaxed and in the comfort of their own environments. We were also asked to photograph them in the studio where they weren’t in their usual environments which would bring the subject out of their comfort zone. I think this brief intends us to understand the change in peoples poses, expressions and general behaviour when they’re in and when they’re out of their comfort zone.

Here I have some photos I have taken of my subject in his own comfort. I tried to capture him when he wasn’t expecting it as to avoid the photo being posed. I feel this was a good way of capturing the photos as the expressions are natural.

IMG_9653 IMG_9662 IMG_9686 colour IMG_9721 colour

I also tried them out in black and white.

IMG_9653 bw IMG_9662 bw IMG_9686 IMG_9721 jack smoking

I’m really happy with how these have turned out. I didn’t tend to follow the rules to capture the average portrait pose as I wanted these to look more natural although I have still followed the rule of keeping the shot within shoulder to head length. I do think that I prefer the black and white versions as they seem to appeal more to the eye than the coloured photos.

Here are my studio photos which I have also done in black and white.

IMG_9698 IMG_9701 IMG_9703 IMG_9711

Again I’m really happy with how these have turned out. I like that the light has cast a shadow over my subject and I was able to work the light with the colours of the clothes my subject was wearing. I like that there is an almost silhouette styled photograph on half the photo and that the other half is well lit. I decided whilst doing the photo shoot that I would edit the photos to be in black and white because I felt it would work well and look good in black and white.

ARD512 Design Directions – Non narrative, Colour Flow

non narrative step by step

In the above attachment is a step by step guide of how I have created my colour flow video. I used after effects to create my project and have used the plug in particular. Unfortunately there is a watermark on the video as I have not purchased the particular plug in and have been using a trial version.  I really enjoyed creating this non narrative video and am really happy with how it looks and how it works. I feel like I have gotten to know a lot more about how after effects works which is good as it’s a program I use often. I used an on-line tutorial created by video copilot and this is how I was able to create my video.

Here’s the tutorial I used to help me understand and learn how to create my colour flow project.

Here is my final version of my non narrative colour flow video.