ARD512 Design Directions – Modern Masters

CharlesLenoirBorn1869NympwithFlowersandGarlandsmaller image2

The first painting is a painting by Charles Lenoir a French academic classical painter. I was attracted to the painting as I liked the simplicity but elegance of the painting. I also liked that there were flowers used in the lady’s hair in the painting as this is a fashion that is work now and I thought it would be interesting to use it in my photography. The second image is my interpretation of the painting. I am really happy with how this image has turned out, and I do think the image has a type of painted look to it. I have faced my model in the same direction, used flowers in my models hair and used a black backdrop. I have however changed the colour of clothing as I wanted to add a type of modern look to the image. I did this image in the studio and I feel I have used the right kind of lighting. I have added some filters to the image as to enhance the look of a painting.

Overall I am happy with this image and was really happy doing the assignment. I feel I have successfully answered the brief and feel I have added my own kind of style into my image and I think it works well. I feel I have successfully re created the painting using the same kind of style but adding a kind of modern look using my model.


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