ARD512 Design Directions – Album Cover

ALBUM COVER2 Tove-Lo-Habits-2014-Cover-1500x1500

As soon as I read the brief I knew what album cover I wanted to re make. The album cover I chose to re make was Tove Lo’s Habits album. She is one of my favourite artists and I was really happy to be able to re make her cover album. I asked my classmate Molly to model for me as I noticed she had the same kind of facial features as Tove Lo. I’m happy with how the photograph turned out however, I did realise there isn’t enough light on Mollys face compared to how much light is on Tove Lo’s face. After looking at both images, I’ve decided not to do a re take with brighter lights as I feel that the photograph I have taken of Molly is still good and I think the shadow across her face adds more of a sadness to the image, which is what I originally wanted. Creating the right typing was important as this is something that really stands out on the album cover. I looked on a website named ‘Dafont’ which is free to use and provided me with fonts that looked a lot like the ones used on the album cover.

I’m really happy with how this project has turned out. If I were to do this project again I would perhaps do the re shoot with different lighting to see how the image looked. However I am still really happy with the overcast look across Molly’s face as it gives the viewers an impression of sadness, which is what the album is about.


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