ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Influence BoardsT


double negative


influence board bibliography

Here I have created three influence boards based on my favourite VFX companies. I have chosen to create my influence boards on VFX companies because I am hoping to work in visual effects in the future. Visual effects influences me in the way that I look out for what companies are successful e.g. who’s winning awards. I also look out for how visual effects is changing as it’s an industry that develops further every day and it’s important that I learn and hear about these changes. The influence boards are based on three different VFX companies; Blinkink, Double Negative and MPC (Moving Picture Company). Out of the three companies I have created influence boards on it’s my goal to work with either Double Negative or MPC, maybe even have the opportunity to work for both.


I was able to visit Blinkink on our trip with the university to London last year. Blinkink is an animation company that specialise in stop motion. Although stop motion and animation are not what I specialise in I do like to look at how Blinkink create and produce their work.  They influence me in the way that they work. Their workload is a lot more because as a successful stop motion company they have a lot of high demand for work. Because they’re only a small company there’s only a small amount of staff so there’s a lot of work for them to do. As a team they work hard and they have made a small production company well known. Blinkink became much more well known due to John Lewis using their work for their advert named, The Bear And The Hear.

Double Negative

I was also able to visit Double Negative on my trip to London last year. Double Negative are a visual effects company that are well known throughout the media industry and are always busy helping out with a new upcoming film. The have recently won three awards for their visual effects work on inception and were also nominated for Best Visual Effects for the BAFTA awards for their special effects work on Interstellar.

I’m influenced by Double Negative because they are a visual effects company. I like to look at how they’ve progressed through the work they do on the films they work on and I like to see how they change and improve things. Double Negative also influence me to try harder and keep working on things. They have a team full of experienced VFX artists and each and every one of them will have started where I am now, trying to learn the in’s and out’s of visual effects software, feeling like my work could be better and not really 100% sure where I’m going to be in the next few years. It helps me knowing that everyone in Double Negative have worked their way up and I know that with the right kind of attitude I can do the same and hopefully work at Double Negative in the future.

MPC (Moving Picture Company)

Again I was able to visit MPC in London on my university trip. This out of all the visual effects companies we visited was my favourite. I really liked the building, the environment and all the workers at MPC seemed to be very happy to work there and enthusiastic about visual effects. MPC is a VFX company specialising in the making of special effects in films. They have worked on films such as Harry Potter, Man of Steel, The Hunger Games and An American Sniper. These are all well known films that have been successful and noticed for the visual effects work in them.

MPC influences me in the way that I create my work. I want my work to be of good enough standard to be able to gain recognition by MPC when I apply for work there once I’ve finished uni. Throughout my final year of university I want to create a film reel made up of compositing that’s good enough to be able to be accepted into MPC’s academy. This is a year long course in London that teaches you VFX skills and gives experience in the VFX environment.  I strive to be accepted into this program after I have finished university and this is why MPC has a huge influence on the way I work.


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