ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Collaborative Work






Here are some images of me modelling to help my friend and classmate Molly with one of her assignments. The idea was to re create a book cover. I’m not completely sure what the book was called but I know part of the story was about a girl who had lost her mother, and in the story she jumps over a river onto a river bank to get some white flowers. These flowers reminded her of her mother because she used to put white flowers in her daughters hair. My role was to model at the girl who jumps across the river. I felt much more relaxed modelling this time as it was my second time modelling with Molly. I think the images are great and I’m happy to say I don’t look so bad either which is a huge confidence boost. I’ve found that modelling is a good way to help out a friend and to also make connections, I know that if I need help Molly will be more than happy to help me out which she has done on countless occasions. It’s also a good way to learn from other people as you get to take in and learn other peoples styles of photography and you can try it out yourself and apply it to your own work.


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