ARD512 Design Directions – Portraits

In this brief we were asked to photograph a subject in their natural surroundings, when they were relaxed and in the comfort of their own environments. We were also asked to photograph them in the studio where they weren’t in their usual environments which would bring the subject out of their comfort zone. I think this brief intends us to understand the change in peoples poses, expressions and general behaviour when they’re in and when they’re out of their comfort zone.

Here I have some photos I have taken of my subject in his own comfort. I tried to capture him when he wasn’t expecting it as to avoid the photo being posed. I feel this was a good way of capturing the photos as the expressions are natural.

IMG_9653 IMG_9662 IMG_9686 colour IMG_9721 colour

I also tried them out in black and white.

IMG_9653 bw IMG_9662 bw IMG_9686 IMG_9721 jack smoking

I’m really happy with how these have turned out. I didn’t tend to follow the rules to capture the average portrait pose as I wanted these to look more natural although I have still followed the rule of keeping the shot within shoulder to head length. I do think that I prefer the black and white versions as they seem to appeal more to the eye than the coloured photos.

Here are my studio photos which I have also done in black and white.

IMG_9698 IMG_9701 IMG_9703 IMG_9711

Again I’m really happy with how these have turned out. I like that the light has cast a shadow over my subject and I was able to work the light with the colours of the clothes my subject was wearing. I like that there is an almost silhouette styled photograph on half the photo and that the other half is well lit. I decided whilst doing the photo shoot that I would edit the photos to be in black and white because I felt it would work well and look good in black and white.


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