ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Personal Development

Throughout my second year in university I have come to realise that I am definitely more interested in the post production of film that I originally thought. After our trip in London in my first year I began to look more into post production and thought of what career path I would want to take if I were to go into post production. After doing the compositing assignment in the first semester of my second year I soon realised that I really enjoyed compositing and would much rather work in the film industry doing compositing than working behind a camera (which is what I originally thought about doing).

I have also realised (as much as I don’t like to admit it), I enjoy working on photography assignments. In the second semester we were given the choice of whether we wanted to do film assignments or photography. Naturally I chose film as that’s what I’m more focused on as a career path. However, I soon realised that creating and working on a film on my own was hard and wasn’t that much fun. After talking to my tutors we decided I would do half film and half photography (this would be, one non narrative film and four photography assignments). Since changing my mind on my chosen subjects, I have been able to appreciate that photography is much better than I originally thought. I am glad that I was able to learn this through my own mistake as I have since been able to work on photography again and appreciate it much more.

Throughout this year I feel I have developed a lot in the way I make my decisions. Rather than making quick decisions I will stop and think of how I will do something and if I’ll enjoy doing it. I’ve learnt that it’s much harder to work on something when you’re not enjoying it and I should always choose something I enjoy as I am more willing to put 100% into it. I’ve also found this year what I want to be in the creative industry (compositor) and I’ve found a company I wish to work for in the future (MPC).


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