ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – NEC Photography Show

My university was able to gain places in the NEC Photography Show for my cloass to go and visit, unfortunately I was unable to attend the show in Birmingham. I have however looked up what the NEC Photography Show is.

This is a yearly show that travels around the UK which is dedicated to photography. They have talks from professional photographers that are able to talk about their work and how they have grown as a photographer. The show is produced by Future, an international media group and a world leading photography publisher. They first began doing the shows in in 2014 as they realised that there were no shows around that did anything to do with photography.  They encourage photography enthusiasts to come to their shows to learn about what’s new in photography and what is to come in the future. Along with big brands such as Canon, Nikon and Olympus, the NEC Photography Show has become successful over the past two years gathering hundreds of photographers from across the UK to join in one big event to celebrate and improve the future of photography.

I am disappointed I was unable to go but I know what the NEC Photography show is for next year and I look forward to attending future shows.


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