ARD512 Design Directions – Modern Master research

At first I struggled to find a painting that I liked, I’ve considered replicating paintings such as The Mona Lisa but felt that it would be a hard painting to replicate and as it’s such a  renown painting I didn’t really want the pressure of re creating such a great painting. I also experimented with paintings that were set outdoors.

w1077t300 IMG_0229

I tried to replicate the above painting, painted by Claude Monet. I do think that with some editing on my photograph I think I could manage to create a good replica of the painting. However, I think that the colours in this painting are too bright to be able to replicate within a photo without over editing which would ruin the quality of the photo.

Instead I have decided to replicate this painting.


This painting was created by Charles Lenoir a French academic classical painter. I liked this painting because I find it to be simple but elegant in the way that the lady is posed and the colours used within the painting. I also liked that the lady has flowers wrapped around her hair. This is a fashion that can be found now and it would be good to be able to replicate this painting. I will ask my friend Molly to model for me in the studio and by using the right lighting conditions I think I’ll be able to replicate this painting well.


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