ARD512 Design Directions – Elegance of Decay/Broken Grandeur research

To research into elegance of decay I chose to look online and see what I could find. I found this blog,

This gave me a good idea of what the usual subjects are within the elegance of decay. The images that have been used on this blog and I can see how the photographer has created something beautiful out of something others would perceive as ugly. However, when reading the brief I thought instantly of dead/ageing trees, plants, leaves. E.g.


I have planned to do my photography on this type of subject rather than using the usual subjects i.e. smashed windows. I want to use natural subjects because I find a type of sadness in seeing them ruined or growing old. There is however a real beauty in natural subjects growing old and decaying. I will go to Erddig in Wrexham to get my photos as Erddig has a big wood surrounding the grounds and I think I’ll be able to find some interesting things to photograph here.


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