ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Gemma Roberts

Gemma Roberts is a graduate from Glyndwr University and she came to creative futures to talk to us about how she has created her own business using the practices she studied in university. Gemma was a fine art student that liked to create things with paper. For her final project she decided to create a different range of paper flowers, mainly with a wedding theme to them. This gave Gemma the idea that started off her own business.

Gemma learnt to promote her work through advertising on facebook, creating a professional account which would gain her customers. She also has a display in a wedding shop window which helps her get customers. Gemma told us that it is important to work to a customers needs and make it personal to them, this will make the product better for the customer which means a customer is more likely to recommend you to a friend.

I didn’t really learn much from Gemma’s talk that I can apply to my own practice but it was good to know that people are able to put their own learning practices into a home business if we put our minds to it and promote the correct way.


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