ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Social Networking in Creative Practice

Sharon Mossbeck

Sharon Mossbeck is a fine arts artist currently working in Bark Street arts.  She uses social networking a lot to promote her work. She taught us that when promoting though social networking it’s important to keep your personal social network account separate to your professional account so that people don’t see photos of your drunken moments with friends and your professional account is kept professional so that people will take you seriously. She even noted that it could be helpful to create a stage name as then your personal and professional accounts will be kept completely apart. I think this is a good idea if you want to promote yourself through social networking as you can then attract people with a better name and also you want people to take you seriously. It’s also important that employers see that you are serious about your job.

Sharon told us that social networking helped her to gain contacts as she created a group page for other artists in her area to join in. This helped her get into the art scene which eventually got her the job she has today.  She noted that twitter has helped her an awful lot and gave some tips on how to create a successful twitter account.

  • Make sure blurb is relevant
  • Don’t waste time talking about unnecessary things
  • Be direct and straight to the point
  • Be professional
  • Re-tweet
  • Thank new followers

These are all great tips in how to gain people attention on twitter. Twitter is now a worldwide social networking site and it’s important that people that want to promote themselves on-line attract the right kind of attention.

Sharon also collaborated with the other talker present, Michael Borkowsky in an expedition named PLAY! Video Games with Fine Art. This was an expedition created by artists that loved video games and were able to create art pieces based on video games. Sharon spoke about how they used crowd funding to fund the expedition. I have looked into crowd funding myself before and basically what it is, is gaining people that are willing to fund your project and in return they get rewards. Crowd funding is a great way of raising money for projects such as Sharon’s and Michaels as you can eventually do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time without it costing you a lot of money.

I have learnt through Sharon’s talk that social networking is important if you want to promote yourself. Most people these days have a social networking site and it’s important to gain recognition through social networking. Social networking is also important if you want to gain contacts and get your name out to bigger companies that may in future want to employ you.


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