ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Greame Park – Hacienda

Greame Park, currently a tutor at Glyndwr University, previously worked as a DJ in the Hacienda in Manchester. He started off Dj’ing in 1984 although he didn’t originally plan to become a Dj. Greame started off his Dj career in a music shop when his manager asked him to Dj for him in a club he planned to buy out. This started Greame’s new found passion for house music. House music wasn’t a very popular thing back in 1984 and some people weren’t too keen on it. Greame then grew a name for himself as a house music dj and was invited up to Manchester to play in Hacienda. Greame mentioned that the first time in Hacienda came as a shock to him as he’d never seen anything like it. People were dressed differently and acted differently to the way they did at his usual dj’ing spot. He soon come to know why and this was down to ecstasy. Greame mentioned that house music in clubs with ecstasy worked hand in hand and he believes that it was all part of the making of house music.

I learnt from Greame about the types of house music they played back in 1984 and he compared it to house music now. I found a lot of similarities between the house music of 1984 and the house music today and I’ve found that it’s quite repetitive and easy to dance to. Here’s an example of today’s house music in the link below.

I also learnt a valuable life lesson from Greame, one that he has learnt himself. He told us, ‘If anything happens to you by luck, make the most of it.’ What he meant by this is that it was by luck that his manager at the music shop had wanted him to dj in his new club, if he hadn’t Greame wouldn’t be the well known dj he is today. I will try to remember this quote and remember to make the most of every opportunity I get.


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