ARD504 Creative Futures 2 – Bedwyr Williams

Bedwyr Williams is a Welsh fine art artists born in 1974. His talk was the first talk I attended for creative futures and although I don’t study art, it was my favourite talk of the whole week. Bedwyr, otherwise known as a stand up comedian, had his presentation title as ‘Crewe, it’s part in my downfall’. He explained to us that he hated Crewe and associates everything bad in the world to Crewe. He’s originally from Colwyn Bay which I felt proud of as this is where I am also originally from. Bedwyr left Wales and moved to London to be able to learn more about his practice but moved back to Wales in 1999 wanting to bring back what he’d learnt and create something new and different that people would enjoy.

Bedwyr is also a bit of a film maker as well as a fine art artist. He created a film named ‘Echt’. This film was about how the poor had become powerful and the rich had become weak. I think this video was created to show how humanity is split into two categories of rich and poor/powerful and weak and I think Bedwyr wanted to show how the world would be if the categories were switched. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a link to the video.

I did learn from Bedwyr Williams that it is important to collaborate with local people. I agree with this as creating contacts close around you means if you need help of others you wont have to look far. I also agree with Bedwyr saying that he ‘wants to create art not read about it’. I also feel strongly about creating things rather than reading about them as I learn much better through doing things not reading about things. I feel like Bedwyr Williams is someone I can look up to as a role model as he doesn’t take himself too seriously but knows when to be serious and how to create things that are different but not offensive. Although I didn’t learn much or take much in from the work Bedwyr has done as I am not an artist, I have however learnt a few things about working within the creative industry and how to present myself in the industry.


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