ARD505 Research Methods – Visual Effects Research

Here is a list of topics I plan to look at through my dissertation. I plan to construct these questions in my documentary through directing interviews and showing research.

  • The history of vfx  e.g. how visual effects has changed over the years, how much we used to use it and how much we use it now ect.
  • How vfx influences today’s film industry
  • How much vfx has effected actors
  • Compare films that have used little vfx to films that have used a lot of vfx
  • Pros and Cons of vfx
  • My conclusion

I will construct my documentary through interviewing people within the vfx industry and asking actors how they feel about vfx. To do this I will have to create a questionnaire to ask vfx workers and actors/actresses their opinions on visual effects.


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