ARD501 The Message – Panning Camera

I found I struggled with this assignment as I struggle with the technique of a panning camera and didn’t really like the style of panning. I decided that I would use lights in my images because I think that the lights make the images look interesting and are really eye catching. Also I wanted to create something different than the usual images of trees and crowds of people. I decided I would use street lights for the lights in my images as I knew these would stand out in the dark. I also used Christmas tree lights in one of my my photographs as I thought the different swirls of different coloured lights created an interesting image. Here are my three final images;

Christmas lights

This image is definitely the strongest out of all my images. I really like the lights and the different swirls and patterns the lights have created whilst I’ve been panning. I’m happy with this image and you can see it’s part of a Christmas tree as the bristles on the tree are slightly in focus and are visible.

image 2

Here’s an image I have chosen from taking images on the street. I’m satisfied with this image as one of my final pieces because I’m happy with how the street lights have showed.

image 3

Here is a second image I have chosen as a final piece for the assignment. Again it’s of a street and I like the image because I really like the way the panning effect has had on the lights. I also like how around the lights is complete darkness which makes the image more interesting.

image 1

This isn’t an image I would use as a final piece but I wanted to upload it anyway. It doesn’t stand out quite as much as the previous images but I still find it interesting. I pictured some lights I could see in a far off distance using the panning technique and the image it’s produced is simple yet unique. I like how swirls have formed around the main stream of lights and I think it creates quite a pretty image.

If I were to do this assignment again I would definitely give myself more time to practice the panning technique. Although I like the images using lights have created I do think if I were to do this assignment again I would maybe choose another topic to focus my images on.


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