ARD503 Design for Society – Samaritans


Again for this assignment I worked as a group with Molly. We considered a few ideas before coming up with a final. We first thought of using Molly’s brother on the poster. We were going to picture him sat in a dark corner using different light techniques to add atmosphere to the image. However we decided against this idea as we felt it didn’t really have anything to do with the Samaritan campaign. After thinking about it we decided we would photograph Molly’s face and all the different emotions, e.g. Sad, happy, neutral. We thought this was good as it shows that even if people seem happy they might not be and need to talk to someone. We used one image of Molly’s face as the main focus of the poster and then added in the other faces with the different emotions and changed the opacity on them. I feel this works really well and catches the eye. We used the title ‘Stop. Let’s talk about it.’ and added in the Samaritans logo to make people aware of what the poster is for. I’m really happy with how this poster has turned out and think the idea works and comes across the viewer clearly.


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