ARD502 The Message – Time Lapse / Compression

I enjoyed doing this assignment and feel that the time lapse works well. I worked partly with my classmate Molly on this assignment as we both went to Chester to film. We agreed we would use the same footage but wanted to edit the footage in different ways. We used Molly’s DSLR camera to capture the images and this worked really well and we were able to get the images we wanted.

My edit has been created to promote Chester. In the time lapse I have shown the shopping scene of Chester and the rural scenes down at the river. This works well as it gives viewers a look at the different scenes in Chester. Editing was pretty simple and I was able to do it quite quickly. I’ve also added a song by Ben Howard as I thought it worked well with the sequence and I am really happy with how the sequence has turned out.

If I were to do this assignment again I would give myself more time. I would also perhaps focus on beaches and traffic at night. I do however like the sequence of all the people moving about and feel it works really well.


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