ARD502 The Message – Percussive Rhythm

Here is my percussive rhythm assignment. I felt I struggled a little with this as I couldn’t think of any ideas that would work well. I considered using makeup and using the sounds of the lids popping open and using the sound brushes make on skin. I felt that using makeup would have limited me in creating different sounds and thought the rhythm would be repetitive and boring. I came across the idea of using items for recycling when throwing away some glasses. I thought the different sounds of cardboard, plastic, tin and glass would create great sounds. I filmed the sequence with my bridge camera and with the help of a friend.

Editing the sequence together was harder than expected as I found it hard to create a steady beat. Once I had done this I added in extra sounds to create a rhythm.

I do feel that I have succeed in doing what the brief asks of me as I have created a rhythm without using instruments. I have also considered a commercial message as I have used things to be recycled and recycling boxes in the sequence. This gives the impression that it’s created to promote recycling. If I were to do this assignment again I would research further into creating sounds using different things. However I do think the objects I have used work well and create interesting sounds.


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