ARD503 Design for Society – Documentary/ Photojournalism

This assignment took a little more time than originally planned. I decided to work in a team for this assignment and was working with Molly again. We wanted to choose a subject that wasn’t really focused on by the media. We decided we would focus on a subject that we felt was important and would make people think. At first we thought we would do a piece on slavery in the UK as people aren’t really aware that it’s still happening. However we chose against this as we found we were over complicating the brief as we originally planned to film a sequence but chose to create our piece using PowerPoint as the brief had suggested. Eventually we decided to do our piece on missing people in the UK as we felt this was important.

In the PowerPoint sequence we used images of different people and split them to create a whole new face constructed of different people. We thought this was good as it’s not focused on just one person and the viewer can see we’re talking about multiple people. We also added in photos of actual missing people from the UK. We did this as to shock the viewer as there is a slide full of missing people. To help the viewer understand what the sequence was about we added in some facts we had found about missing people in the UK. We also focused on how most of the people that go missing are under 18. This adds a kind of shock factor to the piece making people more aware. Finally we added in music. At first we though of adding the song ‘In loving memory’ by Alter Bridge but decided against it as the lyrics distract the viewer from reading the facts. Instead we thought of using city sounds in the background as it adds a type of airiness to the piece.

I think this project was a success and works well towards the brief. If I were to do it again I would perhaps take a bit more time in planning out what was going in the piece rather than doing it as we went on. I think the piece works well and puts across a clear message of the facts of missing people in the UK.


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