ARD501 The Message – Locked off camera

IMG_9681  IMG_9684image 2  IMG_9686

This assignment was good fun to do and I really enjoyed working on it. I decided to work in the studio with a black backdrop. I asked Molly to model for me as the main subject in my images and then I used the torch on my phone as the light. Firstly I began with Molly as the main subject and used the light on my phone in front of Molly. This looked good but I do feel the camera didn’t focus on Molly the way I wanted. Next I used the light on my phone behind Molly. I felt this worked much better as the camera was much more focused on Molly but the light was still in focus too. Then Molly began to experiment with writing things out using the light while I captured the image. She wrote out the word ‘LOVE’. I thought this worked really well with the black background and went on to edit the image to make the writing purple. I thought this worked well and that the image is basic but eye catching.

I’ve gone on to editing the images and have chosen three final images for the assignment. The reason I’ve chosen these images is because I felt they worked well towards the brief requirements and I felt that these three images were the strongest out of all the images taken.





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