ARD503 Design for Society – Body Issues

This assignment was something myself and Molly felt strongly about. We wanted to portray the way people act towards different shapes and sizes of people. This was of course aimed more towards women as women can be very judgmental and are always obsessing about how they look. Our idea was to create a poster containing the negative sides of being judged about weight but then having our own opinions on the poster on why we shouldn’t be so judgmental and be happy.

pesimistic final image pessimistic

The above images are what me and Molly have created to portray the negative side of judging people about their body size. The idea is that the images would be diagonal to each other so that Molly would be looking up at me and I would be looking down at her. The faded white typography is what people would use to describe our body shapes in a negative way. The text saying ‘I want to be like her’ is each of us saying that we want to be like the other because we’re unhappy with the way we look.


We then planned to use the image above to portray a much more positive side to our different sizes. We wanted to make it clear that size doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy in yourself. We thought the text worked well with what is being said on the image because the text shape describes the words being said. Molly also created a positive image using her own quote, this way there would have been four images on one poster.

We changed our idea after putting the images together because we didn’t like the contrast between the black and white on the different images. We felt it didn’t work well. However, we wanted to keep the idea of using the negative and the positive. We decided on keeping the negative images but changing the positive. This is what we decided on:

final part 3 jpeg

We really liked this as a positive image because it shows both Molly and myself and between us a positive message that we thought was strong and honest. We decided that we would put both the negative and the positive images on an A3 sheet of paper for our final piece.


Here is the idea I’ve had for our final piece. I’ve used both negative images and used the positive image twice. I felt that using the positive image twice balanced out the poster as a whole. I feel the overall look of the poster is eye catching and would stand out. I think the overall message of the poster is very clear and will make people think about the way they judge others.


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