Design for Society ARD503 – Charity Chic

I really enjoyed doing this project. I worked along with my classmate to create several images of each other. The brief was to model clothes from a charity shop. The obvious idea was to do a fashion shoot using the studio, however me and Molly chose to model our outfits outside as it was autumn and we felt the colours would work well in the shoot.

Here I have some of the original images:

IMG_4719 (1) IMG_4732 (1) 2 IMG_4751 IMG_4756 (1)

We felt the colours around us worked really well with what we were wearing and decided to stick with these images. Next we began experimenting with how we would edit them. First I came up with the idea of creating a poster with the images on it. E.g.


Instead Molly came up with the idea that we should perhaps add the logo onto the actual photos. E.g.

charity shop logo

Next we added the logo onto the images and edited them. Here I have my final pieces that I will use for the assignment. I wanted to do a mixture of black and white and coloured images as I thought it would look different. I also liked the way the black and white images looked with the logo.

3 4 5 bw 2 bw charity 1

Molly wasn’t too keen on having the black and white image with the red logo so she’s decided to do her final images as coloured images. Here I’e added in a few of Molly’s final images that she has edited.


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