Module Introduction
Lecturer – Adam Cooke
Today’s first lecture was an introduction to Contextual Design and what the module is about. As I’m now a level 5 student it’s important that I have a clear sight of my career goals and this module will help me to achieve this. This module requires me to create an online reflective journal expressing my design thinking and views. I should aim to write 2500 words using information from the lectures I attend and quotes provided. This will form my own design philosophy and manifesto containing evidence of my own research. I must identify what has been said in talks, research and contextualise the idea, relating it to my own design practice.
Learning Outcomes
In this module I will gain the knowledge and understanding to:

  • identify relevant and appropriate sources of information and application to the visual and textual analysis of design
  • Critically evaluate, analyse and synthesis appropriate texts
  • Identify and apply a range of research skills,methodologies and evaluation of relevant forms and modes of information
  • Recognise and evaluate the application of theoretical and critical research methodologies to the analysis and evaluation of areas of design practice.
  • Identify and respond to significant critical and artistic shifts in design with reference to their specific area of study

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